"Koujiya" Shittori Kouji Pudding 80g

"Koujiya" Shittori Kouji Pudding 80g

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Rich in flavor with the Power of 糀 Koji!

What is 糀 Koji?
糀 (Koji) is rice with a special mold (Aspergillus oryzae). It is important for making traditional Japanese foods and drinks like "soy sauce and miso". 
Koji enhances the Umami flavor, add more nutrients value, and helps with digestion.
It is a useful and important ingredient in Japanese cooking.

From 伊勢神宮 Ise Jingu (Ise Grand Shrine), a long-established brewery presents Koji Pudding!
Featuring the hidden taste of Tamari soy sauce and Sweet koji, It offers deep sweetness and the gentle aroma of koji.

Packaging: 1pc (80g)

Country of origin: Mie pref, Japan

Storage Instructions: Keep Frozen. Defrost in chiller for overnight.

How to eat:
2 ways to enjoy!

  1. East as it is - You can enjoy thick & rich texture like cake! Bitterness of caramel towards the end.

  2. Stir it well & eat! - Please stir it till pudding became cream-ish.
    You can enjoy creamy, rich & smooth texture like as melting in your mouth! (Recommended by Northsea)