Bareksten Botanical Gin 700ml
Bareksten Botanical Gin 700ml

Bareksten Botanical Gin 700ml

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Bareksten Gin is a spirit from Norway and boasts a variety of floral flavors thanks to its composition of 26 botanicals, of which 19 are locally sourced from the Nordic country. Try to differentiate between the distinct tastes from the variety of botanicals such as juniper, rose flowers, rhubarb and lingonberries, with hints

Packaging: 700ml per bottle

Country of origin: Norway

Storage Instructions: Keep bottles in a place with cool and stable temperatures, preferably between 15-20 degree celcius and away from direct sunlight.

How to use: Enjoy the gin neat or on the rocks with a few ice cubes. Alternatively, you can concoct a mean Gin and Tonic by adding tonic water and a splash of lime juice.