"Kirin" Fuji Single Grain Whisky 700ml
"Kirin" Fuji Single Grain Whisky 700ml

"Kirin" Fuji Single Grain Whisky 700ml

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Each bottle comes with free individual hard-cover box!
Fuji Single Grain Whiskey is a blend of three different grain whiskeys produced at Mt. Fuji Distillery. Those different grain whiskies are distilled in three different methods and possess their own unique flavor profiles: Bourbon type ; heavier, rich, floral fruity style, Canadian type; medium, luscious, and delicately fruity style, and Scotch type; lighter, soft, yet compelling.

This Fuji Single Grain whiskey features the quintessential characteristics of each of the three types of grain whiskeys: delicately fruity, mellow and with a multi-layered profile.

A Gold medal winner at the International Spirits Challenge 2020.

Packaging: 700ml (Alcohol volume: 46%)

Country of origin: Japan

Storage Instructions: 
Keep in a cool, dry place, ideally in the original hard-cover box. Away from sunlight to prevent evaporation and loss of potency.

Whisky have no expiry date. Unopened whisky never expires if stored properly.
However, after opening a bottle of whisky, you should not keep for too long (you should finished the remaining whisky within 6 months from date of opening) to minimize evaporation and maintain quality.