[OMAKASE] Ensui Uni 100g

[OMAKASE] Ensui Uni 100g

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Fresh product will arrive every Fridays.
Please place your order by Wednesday 9PM to get on the same week of Friday!

We will choose the quality "Fresh Ensui Uni 100g" for you, from available in the fish market on the day of auction.
"That we called [OMAKASE] style"

  • Type of Uni: Murasaki uni or Bafun uni (It will be fish seller's recommendation on the day of auction)
    *Mostly Murasaki uni till season ends (~ Aug 2024)
  • Country of origin: Japan (mostly from Hokkaido)

  • Your Uni will arrive in Singapore on Fridays morning. We will arrange the delivery to you on Friday or Saturday.
    So you won't missed your sushi party for the weekend!

  • Please consume within 3 DAYS. (No problem to consume raw over the weekend!)

  • The brand of sea urchin changes every auction.
    Depending on the weather and season, we will purchase the most recommended items for you.

  • We are very sorry, but as advance reservations are required, we are unable to cancel your order after your order has placed... m(_ _)m
    If the product does not arrive due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather or flight cancellation, we will of course provide a refund. (It is very rare case)
    Thank you for your understand!