"Suntory" Kakubin Whisky 700ml

"Suntory" Kakubin Whisky 700ml

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 The Suntory Kakubin (square bottle) Whisky series was created in 1937. This particular yellow-label whisky is one of the most popular and standard whiskies in Japan.

This whisky is fruity and has light notes of pepper and honey. In addition, its sweet and vanilla aroma is complemented by a dry and crisp finish with hints of smoke.

Packaging: 700ml per bottle

Country of origin: Japan

How to use: A popular option is to mix a shot or two of Suntory kakubin whisky with soda  water to make the well-loved Japanese cocktail — highball.

Storage Instructions: 
Keep in a cool, dry place, ideally in the original hard-cover box. Away from sunlight to prevent evaporation and loss of potency.

Whisky have no expiry date. Unopened whisky never expires if stored properly.
However, after opening a bottle of whisky, you should not keep for too long (you should finished the remaining whisky within 6 months from date of opening) to minimize evaporation and maintain quality.