Chum salmon Ikura VS Masu salmon Ikura

What is differences between "Chum salmon Ikura" & "Masu salmon Ikura"?

First of all,,

いくら Ikura is name of salmon roe in Japanese.
It is super famous as sushi topping. I would say it's a regular member of Sushi platter!! 😆 

Chum salmon:

Chum salmon called 秋鮭 Akisake in Japanese.
And Chum salmon is commonly from Hokkaido, Japan.

Masu salmon:

鱒 Masu salmon also calls, Pink salmon in English.
The commonly available pink salmon is known as "Karafuto-masu" and is from Russia.

These two are different species of salmon!


Chum salmon Ikura roe

Origin: 北海道 Hokkaido, Japan

Size: Bigger 

Taste / Texture: Rich & deep flavor.
Skin is slightly thicker. In result, you will feel it bursts in your mouth.

Price: Higher than Masu ikura. 

Masu salmon Ikura roe

Origin: Russia

Size: Smaller

Taste / Texture: Sweeter & rich flavor.
Skin is thinner compare to Chum salmon ikura.
In result, you won't feel any skin left in your month and also, feel it melts in your month.

Price: Reasonable than Chum salmon.

Chum salmon ikura is famous, also typically said "higher grade" than Masu ikura.
But, some chefs feedbacked "Masu ikura has unique texture & not too salty that suitable for their dish".

Please feel differences and find your favorite Ikura! 


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