Delivery Instruction

Fresh salmon

We will collect your salmon in the morning before heading to your house.
(This is the best way to promise you the best quality & freshness!)
Therefore we require 2 days advanced order from you.
Please leave your preferred delivery date upon check-out!

Air-cargo items

Delivery every TUESDAY & FRIDAY! (except Japanese public holiday)
Please pay attention for the up-coming delivery date & order cut-off date (time)!
*Delivery on Tuesday > Order by Sunday 9pm
*Delivery on Friday > Order by Wednesday 9pm
Air-cargo items are all from Japan shipped by air.
(That is why we can supply you the freshest sashimi items)
So we need more time to process your order..!

Other items

Delivery may takes 2-4 working days.
We will notify you on the delivery date for your order via EMAIL / WHATSAPP once we received your order.
Delivery can be Monday to Friday from 11am to 5pm. (No delivery on Sat / Sun & PH)
Please leave a message if you have preferred delivery date upon check-out.
(We will try our best to fulfil your request!)