Deferent type of 醤油 (Soy Sauce)!

Deferent type of 醤油 (Soy Sauce)!
Can be used for differently…

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醤油 (Soy sauce) is very basic Japanese condiments and there are various types of Japanese soy sauce offered in Singapore.


濃口醤油 (Koikuchu Shoyu = Dark Soy Sauce)
It is completely different from Singapore style dark soy sauce!!! Japanese dark soy sauce is NOT SWEET.
Well balanced with salty + umami taste and more for all purpose.
It’s good to use it when you want to add brownish colour in your dish. (Just like braised pork belly)

薄口醤油 (Usukuchi Shoyu = Light Soy Sauce)
It normally saltier (about 5-10% higher salt vs dark soy sauce) but, lighter in colour.
It is useful when you DON’T WANT to put so much colour in your dish but yet you want taste of saltiness & umami flavour from soy sauce.
Can be used for soup, light simmer fish, steam fish, stir fry. (Because we don’t want those dish to be completely brown colour..haha)

刺身醤油(Sashimi Shoyu = Sashimi Soy Sauce)🍣
As it’s name suggests, Sashimi soy sauce is specifically formulated for use with sashimi or sushi.
This sauce go well with all sorts of seafood. So, good to use it as dipping sauce of boiled seafood too. 🦐
Normally offered in small bottle to keep the freshness.
You should choose a high-quality brand since you are paring it with quality fresh seafood!

牡蠣醤油(Kaki Shoyu = Oyster Soy Sauce)
This is bit more special and not many people knows.
Definitely NOT SAME as Chinese oyster sauce!!! (Totally different taste)
It is Soy sauce infused with oysters & bonitos. (Basically soy sauce, but it has extra umami taste from oysters n bonitos)
It can be replaced with light soy sauce as it is less saltier and lighter colour.
If you want to try more “Premium type of light soy sauce”, you should choose this once.

たまり醤油 (Tamari Shoyu)

Tamari Shoyu is a soy sauce that contains small amount of wheat (or some tamari shoyu doesn't contain any wheat). It is more unique that traditional soy sauce as it is thicker, darker in color, and has a richer and delectable taste.

It also tastes more balanced and less salty which makes it suitable for both cooking and as a dipping sauce for sashimi and sushi.

*Note: Our "Morita Tamari Shoyu" contains wheat.

Just the Soy sauce has many different type and brand.
But you won’t go wrong with what Northsea suggest/ offer!👍

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