What is しめ鯖 Shime Saba?

しめ鯖 Shime Saba is a part of popular sashimi dish made from mackerel, specifically prepared as VINEGARED MACKEREL.

You think mackerel is fishy?
It has a balanced taste of tangy vinegar, sweetness, saltiness + rich & fatty mackerel flavour.

The term "Shime" in Japanese refers to the process of marinating or curing, which is a crucial step in preparing this dish.
Our Shime Saba has been prepared & marinated with vinegar.
WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IS JUST THAW!👍(Please thaw in chiller)

💡Shime Saba goes well with
Grated ginger, Wasabi & Sushi rice. (All these three will also balanced out its natural fishiness)
It often arrange into Sushi style (Shime Saba sushi). Aburi the skin & put pinch of grated ginger on top…😋 Try it once!!!