What is 味霸 Weipa? How to use?

味霸 Weipa is a Chinese condiments that originally from Japan!
It is the paste-like seasoning allows you to easily achieve an authentic Chinese flavor. Ingredients based on chicken and pork bones, combined with vegetable extracts and spices.

It is very famous Chinese condiments in Japan. Like everyone use this for Chinese cooking! Why?

What you need to do is "Just add little bit into any of your Chinese recipes"!
You don't have to be a chef,
Weipa will enhance / adjust the taste of your Chinese dish to restaurant level!
You should just standby one in your kitchen!


Here is the basic ratio of Weipa for Chinese dishes!

Chinese soup (or soup noodle) 600ml (water) : 10g (weipa)

Gyoza dumping 200g (minced pork) : 5g (weipa)

Fried rice 360g (white rice) : 10g (weipa)

You can add it into Stir fry, Ramen, Chicken rice, and more.. 

There is a YouTube channel that introducing many recipes using "味霸 Weipa"!

Weipa cooking research division 

[Seafood taste Weipa] Super easy! Put it in a rice cooker and Khao Man Gai (Thai chicken rice)

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