HOW TO MAKE 梅酒 (Plum wine) & 梅シロップ (Plum syrup)???

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Plum wine & Plum syrup are almost same instruction. Just you add alcohol or not!

<Preparing the Plums>
1, Rinse plums w running water.
2, Soak in water for 1hr (to remove astringency)
3, Pat dry the plums. (Important!)
4, Remove the stem (use toothpick easier)
After that, I FREEZE plums in freezer for at least 24hr! (It makes juice to come out easier from plum + avoid mold/ fermentation especially Singapore is hot)

<Layering the Plums and Sugar>
1, Pour boiled water into glass jar to sanitize and dry the jar completely. (to avoid mold or fermentation)
2, Lay plum and rock sugar in the jar alternatively. Finish with a layer of sugar on top.

<Adding Alcohol>
*If you are making plum syrup, skip here!*
1, Pour the shochu into the jar until it covers the plums completely.

<Storing & Aging>
1, After seal the jar, Store the jar in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. (Recommend like living room where always under air conditioning!)
2, Rotate the jar once a day to help dissolve the sugar and distribute the flavors evenly. (Day by day sugar will melt...)
3, Let the plums soak in the alcohol for at least 3 months to allow the flavors to develop. Best results to store longer up to a year!
*After 3 months, plum syrup are recommend to store in fridge. 👍


I write in word looks complicated but it is actually EASY!
You can also try with your kids for summer holiday fun! 🥰

If you keep the plum in freezer first, you can make it a bit later while you are shopping other ingredients like rock sugar, jar, etc.🤫

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