Shio kombu & wasabi cold somen w/ 漬け帆立 zuke scallops


We just tried new combination of cold somen with sashimi.
Looks might difficult but, steps are extremely simple!

👇Here is the step by step recipe!

Ingredients (5 servings)
Kanesu banshu somen noodle: 180g (2 bundles)
<Somen sauce>
Fujikko shio kombu: 20g
Tamaruya wasabi (or Marui nama wasabi) : 1 tablespoon
Butter: 15g
Starchy boiling liquid from cooking the somen (so-called "Somen broth"): 4 tablespoons

For toppings
Sashimi scallop S: 10pcs
Daiei tobikko (or Ikura)
<Zuke scallop marinate sauce>
Ninben shiro dashi: 4 tablespoons
Water: 3 tablespoons

1) Zuke scallops
- Make zuke sauce. Mix shiro dashi and water into a bowl.
- Slice the scallops into 2pc. (Defrost in chiller & pat dry with kitchen towel before cut)
- Marinate into sauce for 1hr.

2) Somen sauce
- Chop the shio kombu finely.
- Set shio kombu, wasabi and butter into bigger bowl. Leave a side.

3) Boil somen + finishing
- Boil somen with boiling water for 2mins.
- Take 4 tablespoons of "somen broth" from boiling water for somen.
Add into the bowl of somen sauce ingredients & whisk.
- Cool down somen with ice water. > drain the water.
- Add somen into somen sauce and toss.

4) Decoration
- Place somen on the plate. (If you want to learn how to place somen nicely, search YouTube "how to roll cold angel hair pasta"! You will find good video.)
- Decorate scallops and Tobikko top of somen!



  • For the best texture, please serve immediately after tossed somen with sauce!
    You can prepare all the ingredients before hands, but cannot keep somen noodles longer after boiled. (It will become soggy quite quickly!)
  • You can alternatively use Ikura, Uni, Cavia, Ama ebi, Engawa, crab meat, etc for topping as well. (It's your own creativity!)