This is 銀鱈西京焼き (Gindara saikyo-yaki = Miso Cod)
If you like Japanese food, probably heard this dish before…?

It’s grilled black cod fish which marinated overnight with 西京味噌 (Saikyo miso)
Saikyo miso is a type of sweet miso that originally from 京都 (Kyoto, Japan).

Kyoto was called 西京 (Saikyo = West town) when Japanese main government moved to 東京 (Tokyo = East town) like 150 years ago…🤫

Please try our 西京漬の素 (Saikyo zuke no moto) which is “pre-made miso based mixture” for Miso cod!

  1. Cover Black cod fish portion with Saikyo zuke no moto. (no need to add anything else!)
    Basic ratio is 100g (Black cod fish) : 20g (Saikyo zuke no moto)
  2. Place in storage container or ziplock bag and marinate in the refrigerator.
    ~ Half a day (light taste)
    ~ 2 days (strong taste)
  3. Remove excess miso before cooking.


    Bake slowly over low to medium heat in a frying pan, grill, oven or air fry💮

This is the easiest way to make “Miso cod” at home and the taste is restaurant level….!!!🫢👍

It can be marinate more than black cod.
Like white cod, salmon, chicken, pork chop, etc.. Explore varies of Saikyo-yaki!

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