"Daiei" Tobikko Black (Seasoned Flying Fish Roe) 500g

"Daiei" Tobikko Black (Seasoned Flying Fish Roe) 500g

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Many customers are requesting for this Tobikko BLACK because it “resembles caviar” when added to dishes, so this is a more affordable alternative to caviar!! 😊

Daiei Tobikko Black is made in Japan and contains raw flying fish roe. It has a crunchy texture with a salty and nutty taste. It is nutritious, due to its high vitamin and protein content.

Packaging: 500g

Country of origin: Japan

Storage Instructions: Keep Frozen. Defrost in chiller.

How to use: Topping for sushi and other rice dishes. You can put it over canapes, pasta, salads, you even can pair with cold tofu, smoked salmon, scallops, lobster and avocados.