"Koshikawa" Kani Miso (Crab Paste Miso) 300g

"Koshikawa" Kani Miso (Crab Paste Miso) 300g

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Also known as crab ‘brains’, this is a paste of sorts, and if often regarded as the tastiest portion of crab. Kani Miso can be consumed raw and goes wonderfully with sushi or crab meat. Another fantastic use is for it to be put into soups.

Packaging: 300g

Country of origin: Japan

Storage Instructions: Keep frozen. Defrost in chiller.

How to use: Eat with sushi or crab meat, or mix into soup.


Kani Miso Creamy Pasta

Serving: 2

-Kani Miso: 100g

-Fresh Milk (or Heavy cream): 200ml

-Garlic: 3 cloves (Chopped)

-Butter: 15g

-Salt, Black pepper: for taste

-Spaghetti: 200g

-Kizami nori: topping

    • Boil spaghetti with lots of salted water.

    • Fry garlic w butter.

    • Gather kani miso and fresh milk in a bowl

    • Add fried garlic into the boiling spaghetti. Heat using small fire and bring it to a light boil.

    • Put spaghetti into the mixture of kani miso and fresh milk. Add salt and black pepper for taste.

    • Plate and garnish with kizami nori (Shredded Seaweed)