"Hamaotome" Dried Miso Soup Ingredients 50g

"Hamaotome" Dried Miso Soup Ingredients 50g

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A bowl of excellent miso soup is a daily necessity for many Japanese souls.

Our Dried Miso Soup Ingredients is one of the best instant soup ingredients! The ingredients consist of Dried Wakame, Dried Leek and Dried Fu (dried wheat gluten).  After making the miso soup base, you can add 1-2 table spoons into the hot miso soup.

The Dried Fu taste just like a tofu skin, which is soft and will melt in your mouth.

Packaging: 50g

Country of Origin: Japan

How to use: Add 1-2 table spoons into miso soup. (Don't need to soak in the water before put into soup)