"Kanefuku" Mentaiko Pasta Sauce 2pc
"Kanefuku" Mentaiko Pasta Sauce 2pc

"Kanefuku" Mentaiko Pasta Sauce 2pc

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明太子パスタ (Mentaiko Pasta) is the one of famous Japanese style pasta that uses Mentaiko (Cod fish roe) and simple Japanese condiments. You will see this menu in many cafes & Italian restaurant in Japan.

This mentaiko pasta sauce is ready to cook style, you can just mix with boiled pasta and done!

かねふく (Kanefuku) is famous Mentaiko brand/ company located in 福岡 (Fukuoka prefecture), Japan where the Mentaiko originally comes from!

Packaging : 2 servings (50g/pkt). Package includes kizami nori seaweed for 2 servings.

Storage instructions : Keep frozen. Defrost in chiller before use.

Preparation (for 1 serving):

1, Boil 100g of your preferred pasta.

2, Drain the water and mix with 1 sachet of mentaiko pasta sauce.

3, Place the pasta on the plate and sprinkle 1 sachet of kizami nori seaweed on top.