"Kinjirushi" Frozen Nama Wasabi 200g

"Kinjirushi" Frozen Nama Wasabi 200g

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Wasabi is a paste used as a condiment paired with soy sauce when eating sushi or sashimi as well as a flavoring for a variety of other dishes.

"Kinjirushi" Wasabi contains real grated wasabi which tastes natural (unlike paste type wasabi made from wasabi powder) and is used by our Japanese restaurant customers that insists on authentic Japanese ingredients! This is the same packing size used by restaurants and is more value for money!

Packaging: 200g

Country of Origin: Japan

Storage instructions: Keep frozen. Take out the amount required to defrost in chiller, seal the remaining in bag tightly and keep in freezer.

How to use: Defrost before consumption. To defrost, place packet 1) in the chiller section of refrigerator for at least four hours (best preferred); b) at room temperature at two hours; c) under running water for 20 minutes.