"Koujiya" Shittori Kouji Pudding 80g

"Koujiya" Shittori Kouji Pudding 80g

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Rich in flavor with the Power of 糀 Koji!
From 伊勢神宮 Ise Jingu (Ise Grand Shrine), a long-established brewery presents Koji Pudding!
Featuring the hidden taste of Tamari soy sauce and Sweet koji, It offers deep sweetness and the gentle aroma of koji.

Packaging: 1pc (80g)

Country of origin: Mie pref, Japan

Storage Instructions: Keep Frozen. Defrost in chiller for overnight.

How to eat:
2 ways to enjoy!

  1. East as it is - You can enjoy thick & rich texture like cake! Bitterness of caramel towards the end.

  2. Stir it well & eat! - Please stir it till pudding became cream-ish.
    You can enjoy creamy, rich & smooth texture like as melting in your mouth! (Recommended by Northsea)