"Nissin Oillio" Salad Oil (Cooking Oil) 1500g

"Nissin Oillio" Salad Oil (Cooking Oil) 1500g

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Nissin Healthy Vegetable Oil insists that this is 'not greasy' oil. The materials are soy bean and rapeseeds that are explicitly and carefully chosen. With regulated oxidation, the production method is carefully refined using the 'activated carbon filter'. Nissin Oillio salad oil produces a 'light & clear recipe' which produces non-greasy properties compared to other vegetable oil. The fried dish is crisp and fresh, light and finely finished. You can use it extensively in any dish.

Packaging: 1500g

Country of origin: Japan

Storage Instructions: If unopened, store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

How to use: Can be use for cooking, frying, deep fry.