"Sazae Foods" Frozen Taiyaki Japanese Pancake (Custard Cream) 5pc

"Sazae Foods" Frozen Taiyaki Japanese Pancake (Custard Cream) 5pc

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鯛焼き (Taiyaki) is small waffle-like filled cake. An inspiration by the famed Imagawayaki, a popular Japanese dessert which has history from the 18th century.
Today, Taiyaki is the famous street dessert all over Japan.
It has many different filling, and "Custard cream" is the one of modern flavor which a lot of kids love!

This particular one is filled with a smooth custard cream, making for an absolutely delectable dessert experience.

Packaging: 5pc/pkt (90g/pc)

Origin: Japan

Storage instructions: Keep Frozen.

Preparation: Heat up frozen taiyaki in microwave for 1.5 - 3mins or Steam/ Air fry/ Oven bake/ Deep fry.