“Yuzuya Honten” Shibori Yuzu Juice 720ml (Halal Certified)

“Yuzuya Honten” Shibori Yuzu Juice 720ml (Halal Certified)

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“Yuzuya Honten” Shibori yuzu juice is a 100% pure yuzu juice drink. Yuzu is a citrus fruit, similar to the mandarin orange. This 100% pure yuzu juice provides a delightful zesty flavour, one that refreshingly tasty.

Packaging: 720ml

Country of origin: Japan

Storage instructions: If unopened, keep in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Store in refrigerator once opened.

How to use: Consume as a refreshing beverage or add to cocktails. Alternatively, use as dressing for salads and sashimi, or to cook with baked or deep fried items.